Deliveries to other countries

For deliveries to other countries, the following shipping costsare calculated:

Austria 7,- Euro
Belgium 7,- Euro
Czechia 7,- Euro
Cyprus 12,- Euro
Denmark 7,- Euro
Finland 7,- Euro
France 7,- Euro
Greece 7,- Euro
Great Britain 7,- Euro
Ireland 7,- Euro
Italy 7,- Euro
Liechtenstein* 5,88 Euro
Luxembourg 7,- Euro
Malta 12,- Euro
Netherlands 7,- Euro
Poland 7,- Euro
Portugal 7,- Euro
Sweden 7,- Euro
Switzerland* 5,88 Euro
Spain 7,- Euro
Norway* 10,- Euro
Slovakia 7,- Euro
Slovenia 7,- Euro
Bulgaria 7,- Euro
Romania 7,- Euro
Russia 28,- Euro
Japan 35,- Euro

* In these countries, the calculation of shipping and merchandise is done without inclusion of the German VAT.
(e.g. EUR 13.45 instead of EUR 16.00 and EUR 5.88 instead of EUR 7.00)

Only credit card payment is available as the payment option for orders from other countries.


We are constantly striving to deliver all ordered articles, however, we do not hold an obligation to delivery. Wrong delivery or delays in delivery do not qualify for compensation claims. Reservations for unavailable items cannot be accepted. Non-deliverable items are not made in arrears. Subsequent deliveries are not undertaken.